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  • Double bevel knife: £1 per inch

  • Single bevel knife: £2 per inch

  • Serrated knifes: £1.50 per inch

  • Steak knives: £3 per knife​​

*** For other types of knives and blades, please enquire at


  • Rust removal: from £5

  • Tip repair: from £5

  • Chip removal: from £5

  • Bolster repair: from £10

  • Re-profiling: from £8

  • Thinning: from £15

  • Handle fitting: £10 + Wa-handle (hidden tang type)

We also offer restoration and polishing of knives where aesthetics plays a part just as important as performance to the customer.

Carefully tested and selected Japanese natural stones and finger stones are used on a series of stone combinations and progressions, in order to bring up the striking steel patterns that lie under the surface of the blade.

All the work is done by hand, and it aims to:

  • Remove any low spots

  • Refine the bevel

  • Improve blade geometry and cutting performance

  • Bring up the superb aesthetics that some blades carry within

For this kind of work, we only accept Carbon steel knives with specific features in their blade construction and materials.

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