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Togidai Sharpening Station provides exquisite knife sharpening, restoring and polishing services. 

All our work is done by hand. We use a wide variety of Japanese natural and synthetic stones, some carefully selected materials, and polishing compounds recipes borrowed from the Togishi, the Japanese traditional sword polisher. 

We also use inverter-connected belt sanders and buffing wheels, whenever needed.

At Togidai, we evaluate every edge and blade individually. We then talk to customers about their needs. This way, we are able to suggest the best method for working on their tools, whilst respecting customers' necessities.

We believe this is not only the best way to approach the work we do, but the only way to do it.

Our staff travelled to Japan to meet and learn some of the skills in the repertoire of master blacksmiths and sharpeners from Sakai, Sanjo, Echizen, Kyoto and Yatsushiro.

We also spent time at Toyosu and Tsukiji fish markets in Tokyo, to see firsthand how the Japanese fishmongers use and sharpen some of the highly specialised knives produced in Japan.

To keep up-to-date with this highly skilled profession, we are part of one of the most important groups of study in knife sharpening in Japan, and also part as a member of the oldest appreciation and preservation community of the nihonto - an authentic Japanese sword - in Europe, the To-Ken Society.

Last but not least, we are one of the very few sharpening services in the world to be recognised as 1st class service providers by Hitohira’s World Sharpeners Union.

We also take pride on leading an unique project in Brazil, the Instituto de Afiação (Sharpening Institute) where we provide online classes ranging from the basics on double bevel knives sharpening to advanced polishing on natural stones.

So, yes… We are deeply committed to what we do.

We don't sell knives or stones. 

We do sharpening, repair and maintenance. 

We are dedicated exclusively to this craft, what we believe to be the best and most effective path to delivering our service to the highest possible standard.

It is a passion and a joy for us to be able to do it, and we hope we can share a bit of this joy with our customers.

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